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IDT makes your business difference

Inovasi Digital Telekomunikasi (IDT) is a national telecommunications service provider and complete ICT services from A to Z, starting from internet connectivity solutions to system and hardware integration. Provides reliable internet service for all companies both domestic and abroad.

Based in Jakarta, IDT offers a complete range of solutions for Corporate, Financial Institutions, Energy, Media, Education, Logistics, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Government, Retail Markets, etc.

IDT is committed to offering a complete solution with fiber optic network and other additional services for meet the demands for a fast, reliable, and secure internet network.

IDT continues to expand its vision and business operations by continuously adding new services to its broad portfolio of solutions.


To be one of the most trusted technical resources and become one of the leading ICT infrastructure companies and globally consistently meet the needs and expectations of our customers.


Providing Internet Services and ICT solutions for all customers by placing the customer at the center of everything we do, and continue to develop the network services to provide a competitive technological advantage by prioritizing effectiveness and efficiency.




Providing internet services and ICT solutions through a quality and stable network system with high standard of system security. Intelligence in advanced IP communication networks which helps our customers in complex and ever-changing network environment.


Dedicated to providing quality after-sales service, prompt consultation by a team of experts available 24 hours a day.


Develop a variety of services and solutions that are flexible, tailored to business and operational needs without limitations, and answer the needs of each customer. Provide consistently high-quality service to build trust and long-term partnership.